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StormR is an R package allowing to easily extract storm track data for given locations or areas of interests, to generate wind speed and direction fields, and to compute summary statistics characterising the behaviour of winds generated by tropical storms and cyclones: maximum sustained wind speed, power dissipation index, and duration of exposure to winds reaching defined speed thresholds.


Installing StormR

StormR is now available on CRAN on version 0.1.1. You can install it as follows:

The latest development version can be installed from GitHub as follows,


Loading StormR package

Main functions

Name Description Inputs Outputs
defStormsDataset() Creates a stormsDataset object “.nc” (NetCDF) file stormsDataset object
defStormsList() Extracts storms stormsDataset object stormsList object
plotStorms() Plots storms track data stormsList object
temporalBehaviour() Computes wind speed, direction time series, and summary statistics for a given set of point coordinates stormsList object lists of data.frame objects
spatialBehaviour() Computes 2D wind fields and summary statistics over a given location of interest stormsList object SpatRaster object
plotBehaviour() Plots 2D wind fields and summary statistics stormsList + SpatRaster objects
writeRast() Exports wind fields and summary statistics to file SpatRaster object .tiff or .nc file


You are welcome to contribute to the StormR package. Just fork the project and create a pull request with your changes and we will review it as soon as possible.

Reporting issues

Issues can be reported here. Simply choose the appropriate template and fill in the requested information.

Seeking help

If you need help with the StormR package, please open a new discussion on the Q&A section on github. We will do our best to answer your questions. Other users are also welcome to help you.


This work was supported by Hermon Slade Foundation, grant HSF 19105.